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About Us:   Bill Valentine, wrestled in college, studied Judo and Jiu Jitsu in the Phillippines while in the service,and trained in Korean style karate, reaching the level of 5th degree black belt. While attending graduate school in the mid-70’s, Bill taught karate part time. Realizing the difficulty in teaching karate as a form of self-defense, he began to apply practical skills that were easy to learn when confronted with physical encounters. Bill and his sister Becky , a physical educator, felt that a self defense class was needed that was easy to learn and teach. They decided to combine their experiences to craft a program that would be both practical and effective. Bill and Becky co-authored “Self Defense For Life,” and designed school programs for 7th and 10th graders that followed the State Framework. The “WITS”, (Whatever It Takes) Women’s Self Defense Workbook, evolved from the self defense programs that Bill and Becky have developed over the last 26 years together.

About Us: Becky Valentine received her Physical Education Degree from Occidental College and capped it off with a M.S. Degree in Instructional Curriculum. She previously spearheaded a physical education department that was chosen as a model program for the State of California, and has been a guest speaker at several CAHPERD conferences. In and out of the classroom Becky is on the cutting edge of self-defense. Along with her brother Bill, they have created and developed the “Self-Defense for Life” program and handbook for instructors and educators. You don’t have to be a black belt to defend yourself. Because this is a verbal and physical approach that everyone can use, this program has been implemented at the Cal Poly Workshop for Physical Educators, the California Middle School Physical Education Workshop and many school districts throughout California.

Women/Girls Self Defense Workshops and Self Defense Programs for Educators, Health, and Fitness Instructors from About Us

About Us Continues…Becky, and I first began to work together to construct a Self Defense/ Combatives program for California Education that would meet the State Framework over 20 years ago.

While working with educators through various Workshops and In-services, Becky and I continued to teach Womens Self Defense to Women’s Groups. Through the former office of Assembly Majority Leader Dario Former (D-Glendale), Becky and I were given the opportunity to deliver vital self-defense and free safety training to groups of around 75 to 250 women.

The Assemblymen’s Agenda allowed for a delivery time of only an hour and fifteen minutes for women’s self defense training. The new workbook for women, (WITS) Whatever It Takes, Self Defense Workbook for Women/Girls, was crafted through our experiences with working with larger class sizes, time constraints, and girls/women of all ages.

Self-defense that the masses can grasp quickly and effectively in a short time frame is the niche Becky and I have carved out for us. One retired professional at such an event had this to say, ” You can’t make women’s self defense any easier, and you can’t learn any faster”.

Becky and I have repeatedly shown that you can organize, teach and learn self defense in a short time frame. Using props to teach the physical skills, bringing up good self defense prevention information, and understanding how to use the motor skills you already possess to remove yourself from danger is the essence of “WITS (Whatever It Takes)Self Defense Workbook for Women”.

Addressing real problems with empowering information and effective physical skills can make a difference in your life.

250 people participated at a self-defense workshop sponsored by Assemblymember Dario Frommer at the Glendale YWCA.The event was sponsored during Domestic Violence Prevention Week and National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (October). Becky Valentine and Bill Valentine demonstrated fun, fast, and effective self defense to a large group of women.

“This was an exciting opportunity for Becky and I to show how easy it can be to organize and teach vital information and physical skills to large classes of girls and women in just over an hour,” explained Bill Valentine

Physical Educators at Cal Poly

Bill and Becky demonstrating a foot stomp to P.E. Teachers

Combative Games are part of the School Program for 7th and 10th graders.

From About Us:Reducing violence on campus and promoting safety for students are the objectives of the Self Defense For Life Program that Becky Valentine, MS, a physical educator, and brother Bill Valentine, PhD, a fifth degree black belt, have been teaching another Cal Poly Physical Education Workshop, San Luis Obispo.

The state educational framework is supposed to include a unit of self-defense training at the 7th and 10th grade levels. Becky and Bill have been teaching a balanced self-defense program to physical educators for the last eight years that satisfies this requirement. Safer children make healthy adults.

Conflict resolution techniques, awareness, fun type combative games to develop motor skills, exploring healthy relationships, and good basic physical skills are all part of the Self Defense For Life Program. Self-defense is not karate.

Physical educators were wary about teaching a self-defense class because it seemed like martial arts training. Surprisingly, the teachers quickly learn how easy and important the three A’s can be, Attitude, Awareness and Ability. “I wanted to drop this class before I took it. By the end of the first class I wanted to figure a way to get it into my program,” was a recent comment by a teacher at the Cal Poly Workshop. Another comment was, “Utter amazement! I am shocked how much I learned in one week. Classes were well prepared, informative and useful.” “The subject matter was applicable to everyday life. The instructors were motivating and inspirational. “They not only taught the subject for us, but also how to teach it,” said another participant. Over 1500 physical educators, health and fitness instructors over the last 16 years have been through the Self Defense For Life Program, and some are even taking the classes into their communities.. Recent estimates of schools and instructors indicate that many of our children are now receiving the lifelong vital information and critical physical skills necessary to be safe and healthy. Supporting these types of programs in our community is building a better tomorrow for our children.

After all, every child deserves a level playing field to grow strong.

Pictured above on the left is Bill Valentine. Bill helped choreograph the fight scenes for the movie “City Dragon”. Bill had a role in the movies big fight scene, and was able to add a few additional lines to the script before getting his butt kicked.

Practicing on the beach, in the mountains, or in a building stairwell is all part of the training. Bill is using a Roundhouse Kick on a fellow martial artist in this picture during beach training.

Training in different locations outside the Karate Studio allowed the martial arts students to be better prepared with a more realistic understanding of what techniques work in different environments. In the movies all of the fight scenes needed to look good with flashy kicks and hand work, but in reality (the real world) you want a simple direct physical move that will do the job…sounds like “Self Defense for Life” and “WITs (Whatever It Takes)”.

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