Keychain Kubotan Weapon Protection

A Keychain Weapon Device:
Self Defense Equipment You Can Live With

Keychain Kubotan Weapon: Below are several pages that were taken from our book “Self Defense For Life” by Bill and Becky Valentine, ¬© 1990.

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Although, the Keychain Personal Security Device/Baton is called a Key-Bo, the suggested uses and principles are the same for all similar looking self defense equipment type batons.

The physical description of most Keychain Security Batons is that the device is about 5 1/2 inches long, and 1/2 inch in diameter. Add 2 or 3 additional key rings on the end of the baton and you can extend your reach approximately 5-10 inches!

This Personal Safety Article, from the LA Times about women’s self defense products; demonstrates the value of a keychain weapon as a personal security device by Bill Valentine over 20 years ago!

Self Defense Equipment:

Add to this key chain device an extra key ring or two, and place your keys on the outside rings for better balance. With your keys in place on the outside rings, the swinging action of the keychain/baton device is smoother, and this also gives the user an extended reach.

Oh yes, for me the Key Chain Weapon is more than a personal piece of self defense equipment, it is a great way for me to keep track of my keys!


Women’s Self Defense Products: Key Chain Devices

A Key Chain Weapon / Baton can be effective when you are on the ground as a personal security device. I am adding some additional free training material on what to do if you find yourself in this position.

There are no wrong strikes!!! Just hit as hard as you can the closest body part. The strike does not have to be perfect. Since nerves are close to the surface of most bony parts, even a glancing blow with a keychain baton will inflict enough pain to make your assailant think twice about continuing his attack.


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Design & Color




Self Defense for Life

“Self Defense For Life” Is Kick Butt Basics for beginners, regardless of your athletic abilities, learn new skills and feel safer today.

Self defense skills you can own today…and keep for life!

You can beat the odds with easy-to-follow methods that work, so next time a hand is placed where you don’t want it…you have options!

Learn Self Defense Skills Fast, from Educators and Coaches, and Karate Instructors.

You can learn to quickly create pain to an attacker with:

* A special type of Knee Kick, page 12
* Easy to learn Front Snap Kick, page 16
* Elbow Strikes are Painful!, page 20
* Security with a Keychain Weapon, page 34
* What to do if you find yourself on the ground, page 41
* Arming your purse with Household Items, page 45
* How to swing your purse as a weapon, page 44
* Grab from behind techniques, pages 23, 28, 29, 30, 37, 38, 39
* Bear Hug from the front.. or more pain for the offender! Pages 10, 22, 26, 27, 28, 37, 39
* How to use this book, or a magazine as a Weapon, pages 32, 33

The actual physical techniques that make up the self-defense moves are not difficult to learn, the basic skills are not always instinctive. By familiarizing yourself with a few good simple physical moves, you can help reduce your anxiety over the possibility of an attack and enable yourself to deal with aggression when threatened.

“Self Defense For Life” has the complete section on the Keychain/ Baton Self Defense Weapon.

A Keychain Weapon/ Device is both simple and effective. Just like the examples on this¬† page , you can swing and rake the keys across the attackers eyes, face, or jam the keychain into sensitive areas like their genitalia, and you’ve bought yourself time to get away with this type of self defense weapon.

Remember, you don’t want to be a hero. You just want to escape unharmed. You can even combine both the power of Pepper Spray and the impact force of a Keychain/ Baton Self Defense Weapon here at Pepper Spray Keychain Weapon.



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