Michigan Pepper Sprays

Michigan Pepper Sprays

Michigan Approved Pepper Sprays as
Self Defense Weapons

Pepper Spray Protection in Michigan

Michigan Pepper Sprays Goal: Always be prepared. Be aware of your surroundings. Learn a few good women’s self defense physical skills for self protection ( First Visit ). Carry a self defense weapon that is safe and easy to use like the variety of Michigan approved pepper sprays shown on this page.

Michigan Pepper Sprays: The sprays below conform to the requirements of the State of Michigan.

Sorry, no Pepper Spray orders to New York, Massachusetts
or out of the USA

Do You Live in New York or Wisconsin and Want to Buy Pepper Spray Legally? Check out our canine pepper spray and bear pepper spray.

Michigan Approved Pepper Spray

Mace Michigan Approved Pocket Model PepperGard – Contains OC Pepper and UV DYE. The Pocket Model Pepper Spray with”flip-top safety” has an easy aim feature that makes this model ideal for emergency use while walking or jogging as a self defense weapon.

* Features flip-top safety cap.
* 10 gram unit sprays 6-12 feet.
* Contains 5 one second bursts.
* Smaller, compact model


$17.95 each


Large Michigan Approved Pepper Spray Unit

Michigan Pepper Sprays and Home Safety Awareness

Michigan Approved Personal PepperGard Contains OC Pepper and UV DYE.This larger unit is ideal for home, recreational vehicle or dorm use.

* Features flip-top safety cap.
* 17 gram unit sprays 8-12 feet.
* Contains 10 one second bursts.
* Larger size for home or car or work.


$19.95 each


“Spring Loaded Flip-Top Safety Design”

Michigan Pepper Spray Closing Remarks: Historically, using natural elements for self defense weapons has been recorded well over a hundred years ago. The advantages of using the essence of a hot pepper as a personal security device is not a new age idea.

The ancient Chinese put ground cayenne pepper in rice paper and flung it in the face of their opponents, and Japanese ninjas used ground pepper to disable opponents as well. During Japan’s Tukagawa Empire, police used the “metsubishi,” a box used to blow pepper into the eyes of captured political opponents.

Fortunately, we don’t have to be a “ninja” to possess and use these powerful personal defensive sprays as self defense weapons.

When dating you should always be thinking of safe ways to protect yourself, pepper spray is much safer than a gun.

Some suggested ways to become familiar with your pepper spray unit can be found at
pepper spray training information.

Women’s Self Defense Instruction Online and Michigan Pepper Sprays continues to stress the importance of women’s self defense safety. Every woman needs some form of protection with her at all times.

Check out
“first visit”

to help the “first time visitor” navigate through the information and valuable self-help content on this site. The goal is to provide Free Women’s Self Defense Lessons Online, Safety Tips and resources on Personal Security and Home Safety Awareness, as well as, additional Self-Protection with Non-lethal Weapons/ Devices.
If you have followed all of the Self Defense material from the beginning of this site, it’s becoming clear that carrying a self defense product will complement your self defense physical skills quite well.

You can inflict more damage with a self defense weapon, remove your threats faster, disable your assailant/s, buy more time to run away and do everything you can with the physical skills demonstrated on this site, only better.

Of course, in the unlikely event you lose or drop your personal security device, you still have your physical skills to rely on! michigan pepper sprays,womens non-lethal pepper spray weapons,ultimate michigan approved OC sprays
Final thoughts:

If you haven’t taken the time yet to learn a few vital physical skills for self protection than consider working through Women’s Self Defense Instruction Online by starting at the top of the Navigation Bar on the left. or check out the page below. Be Safe!

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