Pepper Spray Protection Background

by pepp2275 on March 30, 2011

Confused about what Pepper Spray to buy? Read through this blog  for the answers about pepper spray protection  from Bill Valentine, Self Defense Coach and Becky Valentine, Physical Educator and Self Defense Instructor.
Pepper spray first gained recognition as an effective piece of self defense equipment because it could ward off attacks by menacing bears.

Imported to the United States from Canada, where it first was developed in its bear repellant form , OC–also known as “pepper spray”–immediately attracted the attention of the U.S. Postal Service, which had been searching for a more effective way to keep dogs from biting its letter carriers.

By the late 1980′s, however, police began using OC to control violent, combative suspects. OC has proved, in many cases, to be an effective alternative choice of self defense equipment to more lethal weapons.

Pepper spray is also being widely sold in the civilian personal pepper spray protection marketplace, where pepper spray has largely supplanted spray tear gas products–familiarly known as chemical mace.

Practice OC Basics

Practice OC Basics

Today, civilian pepper sprays are safe and legal self defense weapons for the market in nearly every state. Additionally, unlike chemical mace, you don’t need a mandatory class on pepper spray to buy and carry this piece of self defense equipment.

Learning to get comfortable with your pepper spray unit can be fun and easy, but more importantly, can make a critical difference in an emergency situation.  You can follow the link or click on the image to read about suggested ways to train with your new OC for pepper spray protection.

This is an  example of how Pepper Spray will disable an attacker.


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