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by pepp2275 on August 28, 2011

Personal security awareness is the single best self defense strategy for personal defense.  Statistical studies show that assaults occur mostly in the early morning or late in the evening, so acting on this information will increase your personal security and safety.  Pepper spray protection is not only for assaults from two legged predators, but the best repellent for the four legged variety too.  Dog attacks in particular are extremely common on a daily basis, but given less attention in the media.  Just how common are dog attacks?

pepper spray protection from dog attacks

Got Pepper Spray?

The US Animal Humane Society reports that every year 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, from a minor nip to a major dog attack.  This doesn’t mention the countless other victims of the terror experience from a chasing dog.  Does anyone remember Stephen King’s movie  Cujo?  Here is a short clip that will make you think “I want Pepper Spray”. It has been suggested that there is a dog bit epidemic in the United States.  With almost 5 million victims annually, that is almost 2 percent of the entire population.  There are 800,000 people that need medical attention annually, and 1,000 per day needing treatment in hospital emergency rooms.  The annual human death count is the USA is over 30.

“Being charged by a dog while on my daily walk is my worse fear!  Having the Pepper Spray Device gives me a sense of security that I can handle a potential problem if confronted.” Sheryl M., CA.  Sheryl went on in her email to describe some recent problems with coyotes coming down into the neighborhood from the adjacent hills and attacking pets, and pets on leashes! I just had another experience walking my dog around the block when two coyotes popped out from behind some bushes only a few feet away from me and my dog Max.  The coyotes were not bothered by my presence so I picked up my 14 pound schnauzer with one hand and pulled out my pepper spray with the other.  Fortunately, both coyotes moved away from the direction I was walking, and that very moment it gave me pause to think about all the pet owners that were not so lucky.  Pepper spray provides very effective protection against an animal attack.  More importantly, pepper spray is a humane way to stop dog attacks (or coyotes, bears and other wild life) without injury to the attack dogs or you. You know what pepper spray does, but how do you use it for personal protection?

Pepper Spray is an inflammatory agent. It will induce coughing, chocking and nausea, as well as dilating the eye capillaries resulting in temporary blindness. The mucous membranes of the nose and throat will swell to prevent all but life support breathing causing the assailant to be temporarily incapacitated. A one second burst of pepper spray can stop an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing permanent damage.  Animals have a highly evolved sense of smell, so you can imagine how effective a shot of pepper spray will be when you aim for the animals head.  Consider purchasing two pepper spray units, one pepper spray unit for practice and the other for personal defense.  Pepper spray security is exceptional protection for walkers, joggers and hikers from both the two legged and four legged attackers.  Be safe, and you won’t be sorry with this Pepper Spray Unit.

By Bill Valentine, Ph.D.,Self Defense Coach

Free Book Bonus: With any Pepper Spray Purchase on this site you will receive by email a copy of my book “Self Defense for Life”, absolutely free.  Watch the Cujo clip from Stephen King’s movie, and remember to error on the side of caution.  You can copy this article, but keep the resource box intact.  Thanks.

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