Self Defense for Life E-Book:

“Self Defense For Life” Is
Kick Butt Self Defense Basic Moves,

so regardless of your athletic abilities,
learn new skills fast and be safer today.

Self defense skills you can own
today…and keep for life!

You can beat the odds with proven easy-to-follow self defense moves that work, so next time a hand is placed where you don’t want it…you have options!

You can learn concepts by watching, reading and discussion, but skills can only be learned by doing !

Learn Self Defense Skills Fast,
from Educators and Coaches,
and Karate Instructors.

Try learning new skills…that you “CAN” do!

Chances are you may already know what it feels like to want to protect
your personal rights,
so before you find yourself in that position again,
learn that you have choices and that you can protect yourself.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

From: Bill Valentine, PhD, Self Defense Coach

For Women Wanting New Self Defense Skills…Fast:

“Self Defense For Life” proves you don’t have to be a black belt to learn how to protect yourself. Yes, I have earned a 5th Degree Black Belt (now retired) in Karate, but what I have enjoyed developing and teaching the last 30 years is an effective and practical program in self defense basics crafted with my sister, Becky, a Physical Educator and Curriculum Expert.

The Self Defense For Life Program we designed meets the California State Framework for 7th and 10th graders. Teachers are passing along the vital information and skills to help our children stay healthy and safe. Self defense basic moves that works with all body types, range of motion and physical conditioning is key to our success and yours!

One teacher can effectively deliver the Self Defense For Life Program to as many as 250 students in a school year.

The Woman’s Self Defense Workshops that Becky and I teach, to as many as 250 women at one time, was a natural extension of our School Program.

Learning to use motor skills you already possess is not a new approach, but the “transfer training” methods we teach have now been tried and tested over the years by thousands of women that attended this short, safe and yes, fun type self defense program. New skills come from “DOING!”.

Self Defense Muscle Memory- Consider the difference between understanding the concept of riding a bicycle, and actually being able to do it. Getting on the bike and experimenting to find balance and control are what bring mastery to this physical skill. As we all seem to know, once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget. It is part of you “muscle memory”.

Self Defense For Life applies this same concept to learning the physical skills that can save your life. The training methods in Self Defense For Life show you quickly how to develop the physical skills into “Self Defense Muscle Memory”.

Go From Self Defense Concepts to Self Defense Skills Today!

Feel Safer And Enjoy Life More. 

Can this really work? Can I learn from a Book?

A retired woman, who purchased the “Self Defense For Life” book had this to say.

“I wanted to tell you that after going through your book and practicing a few of the skills I thought I could do, that it gave me the confidence to use a knee kick to save myself from being a victim. I just wanted to thank Becky and you for the choices I now have that make me feel more secure about my abilities.” 

—Nancy G.(name withheld by request) from California

Breaking News In Self Defense

Is Anyone Talking About This Fact?

One self defense technique can make the critical difference
in avoiding sexual contact.

The vast majority of sexual assaults are date and / or acquaintance rape (80-90%) as oppose to stranger rape. This is why in approximately 80% of attempted rape cases, women/girls with any self-defense training avoided sexual contact.

What can you Expect from “Self Defense For Life”.

In This E-book,” You Will ”

How-to quickly SURPRISE your attacker with:

Easy moves to “explode” with under stress.

No punching or strength moves.

A special type of Knee Kick, page 12

Easy to learn Front Snap Kick, page 16

All Elbow Strikes are Painful!, page 20

Security with a Keychain Weapon, page 34

What to do if you find yourself on the ground, page 41

Arming your purse with Household Items, page 45

How to swing your purse as a weapon, page 44

Grab from behind techniques, pages 23, 28, 29, 30, 37, 38, 39

You’re Caught With a Bear Hug from the front.. or more pain for the offender! Pages 10, 22, 26, 27, 28, 37, 39

How to use this book, or a magazine as a Weapon, pages 32, 33

“I got more physical skills, ideas and information on self defense basics from “Self Defense For Life”, in about one hour, than I did from 6 months of Karate Training.”— Patty K., California teacher

Can you put a cost on just one technique when you needed it?

This is why the GOAL is to help you develop a successful plan now, before something happens…or before something happens again!

Basic Self Defense Moves Made Easy

Click On Cover or Here for “Table of Contents”

By Bill Valentine, Ph.D. (Psych), 5th Degree Black Belt, Self Defense Instructor and Coach for over 35 years and Becky Valentine, MS, Physical Educator and Curriculum Expert.

“Fast Track” from Self Defense Concepts to Self Defense Skills. This E-book contains over 140 pictures within 54 pages in a 8 1/2″ by 11″ format.

Easy to follow instructions with clear pictures make this a great “how-to” self defense book for the beginner with NO previous training in any form of martial arts or combative type training.

Becky and I designed “Self Defense For Life” in a learning format that will remain effective for many generations.

A Simple “Step-by-Step” Guide

“You can’t learn basic self defense skills any easier with a book, and you can learn the physical survival moves faster with the suggested training methods found in the Self Defense For Life book”.

“I just started working with Self Defense For Life book, only managing to practice the palm heel strike with a girlfriend, when I needed to save myself from being dragged into a car. I was trying to be helpful giving directions to a man that pulled his car over to the side of the road, when he said he couldn’t hear me. Moving up to the passenger side window was when the attacker suddenly reached across and pulled me partially inside the car. It happen so fast, but I remembered to strike at the nose again and again and again with the palm of my hand. The attacker let me go when he realized that a lot of blood was spurting from his nose. I was than able to quickly back myself out of the car and shout for help. Thank you Bill and Becky.”


—Nancy M. from New York

No More “What-Ifs..?”Act Now and Don’t Delay Today

This book is available 24/7, with only a few clicks you can take control of your personal safety at a new affordable price.

Kubaton Keychain Weapon Training made Easy

How likely is it that you’ll need to learn any self defense moves?

One in three women will need some self defense at least once in their lifetime! Suppose you could learn a few good self defense moves using a proven program fast, at home.

Self Defense is not a “one” time thing, it is an all time lifestyle that provides you with a sense of personal security every day. You could do this, and you could even pass the vital information and skills along to someone else.

Have you thought for a moment what it would be like to have this kind of knowledge?

Be empowered, feel empowered both emotionally and physically,
“Self Defense For Life” is a book that literally helps you
learn to Kick Butt…for life!

Now Reduced to only $4.95!

You will also get a link to a Special 12 Page Training Bonus Report.

Basic self defense moves for men, women and children

Be Safe… and You Won’t Be Sorry!

Be Safe… and You Won’t Be Sorry!

Here is a Bonus Technique that complements the
“Self Defense for Life” Book

Some very important things you should know:

Self Defense is made up of two parts- Defense and Offense.

The defensive part of Self Defense helps you increase your awareness to prevent having yourself in a risky situation, and the offensive part of Self Defense are the necessary motor movements you will need to free yourself from an assault.

The First Instructional Move is the “most important first move” in women’s self defense when being attacked…always move in toward your attacker. If you are being grabbed, do not pull back but move into the attacker!

When you move into the attacker your body becomes a more effective weapon in terms of both power and speed. We maximize our natural power, force and abilities with CENTER STRENGTH

Center Strength Theory essentially states that the closer our limbs are to the center of our body, the more strength we possess. Try holding a thick telephone book extended straight out from your body at chest level. In a matter of a few seconds the weight of the heavy telephone book will be too much to hold out in the extended position.

Now, try holding the same telephone book in close with your arms and elbows up against your chest and notice the difference. You can manage the weight of the telephone book for a longer period of time with much less effort.

Moving into an attacker capitalizes on this theory of Center Strength, as well as doing the unexpected.

The advantage of moving in strengthens you both physically and psychologically. Everyone’s natural tendency is to pull away from an attacker, especially if grabbed by the arm.

Moving away from the attack gives the attacker an advantage. If the intent of the attacker is to punch you, then moving away puts you at a distance that gives the punch more impact.

However, by doing the unexpected (The First Instructional Move) and moving in, you cut off the power of the strike by cutting the distance the arm travels to the target.

When you are in close quarters to the attacker you can use your body as a more effective weapon. The attacker’s size, strength, speed or condition will be minimized with the physical skills and techniques in basic self defense you are about to learn. The best part of all these women’s self defense lessons is that you don’t have to be in good physical condition to be effective!

Learn the two most important elements for your survival!

These elements will prevail over size, strength, and conditioning to make the critical difference in removing yourself from a dangerous situation.


Prevention is where a good self-defense program concentrates most of the effort. Learning to avoid any physical action is the best defense.

When physical contact is unavoidable the mental mindset is now offense. The old saying, “the best defense is an offense” holds true when your health or life is in the balance.

A Slice of Reality…in Women’s Self Defense

Expect to take a hit. This is an important point about self-protection that everyone needs to realize.

Real life is not a motion picture fantasy where only the bad guy gets hurt. I want your mental mindset to be prepared for some form of contact in women’s self defense.

If you have ever played soccer or basketball then you know what it is like to be accidentally kicked or hit with an elbow. It is just part of the game. You accept the possibilities of physical contact as part of the sport.


Self-defense is not a sport and there are no medals for second place. According to the Pasadena Rape Hotline, most rapists are not murderers. Of the women who chose to resist an attacker, fewer than 9% sustain injuries more than a cut or a bruise.

The actual physical techniques that make up the self-defense moves are not difficult to learn, however, the basic skills are not always instinctive. By familiarizing yourself with a few good simple physical moves, you can help reduce your anxiety over the possibility of an attack and enable yourself to deal more effectively with aggression when threatened.

My Promise to You

I have a very simple promise to make to you. If “Self Defense For Life” is not everything I’ve said it is, and if for any reason doesn’t transform your feeling of personal security and safety into a powerful experience filled with new choices and opportunities, you can ask for a full refund.

You’ve got 30 days to think about it. This will give you plenty of time to decide all the possible benefits.


I hope you think so, because I’ve been told it’s more than fair.

If you honestly believe you’re not learning, you get your money back. Simple as that.


“Self Defense For Life”, At Home “How-To” Options!

Real Life, Real Solutions, Real Kick Butt Results

Now For Only $4.95


Becky and I have always had the singular goal of your success. We have worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life at the end of this self defense program.

Please, don’t miss this opportunity.

To your Unstoppable Success!

Bill and Becky Valentine

P.S. Be safe and not sorry. Now IS the time to begin. “Self Defense For Life” will help guide you to maximize all the physical and mental potential you possess, before something happens, or before something happens to you again! What do YOU Choose?

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