The Ultimate Knee Kick

Knee Kick Training


The “force” of your knees are always with you! Learn to use your legs as a self defense weapon with a Knee Kick.

Training with this basic self defense move has other advantages. A program of defense that focuses on the first move one makes after being grabbed/assaulted is to
move in.

The leg is fast, harder to grab by an adversary, and even when exhausted or tired you can still deliver a powerful kick. If you find yourself on the ground, with an attacker on top of you, a sharp series of kicks to the butt/prostate area will get results.

This self defense section is designed for you to learn all the close quarter secrets surrounding this powerful basic self defense move (the Ultimate Knee Kick Essentials).

Knee Kick Demonstration

KNEE KICK DEMONSTRATION: It is understood in women’s self defense training that the possibility of needing this kick in your lifetime is very real. About one in three women in this country stand a chance of being raped or assaulted in their lifetime.

When you life is at stake don’t kick lightly! An attacker is not concerned about being a gentleman, so don’t be gentle when you unleash the extreme power of your legs as the ultimate self defense weapon of destruction.

Practice the Knee Kick with both legs. A slow “Walk Thru” Partner Drill with this self defense move should help make this kick comfortable when grabbed from different points.

This is a good partner drill. Go slow, and  move into the partner while beginning to  lift the knee up as you are grabbing and pulling into your training partner as if you were going to knock him down.   Safety first, no contact with this drill.

The target area is the groin.

Kick through the target and not to the target. Imagine, for example, that your target is not the groin area but the top of the head!

Use your hands to grab the attacker and pull into him for more impact to this self defense move.  Your knee and body should feel like you are exploding through the attacker.

The illustrations demonstrate this important action. Don’t kick your attacker once. Continue kicking into the target area as hard as you can until you get free!



Important Safety Information


Note the response from this example of the knee kick demonstration: for every action there is a reaction… and a knee kick to the groin area is no exception. It is vitally important, in women’s self defense, that you understand the typical response to this attack to avoid getting hurt yourself.

A properly placed knee into the groin area will create enough pain for the offender to immediately bend forward with his head while the body falls forward at the waist to a crouched position. This reaction by the offender is to lessen the pain and protect the impacted area.

Keep yourself off slightly to the side to avoid getting hit by the attacker’s head as he bends forward. Understanding how someone will respond to a strike will help you put more than one self defense move together for better results.


You need to kick some kind of prop to learn the basic concepts of balance, resistance, coordination, timing and distance. The next section will show you and your partner how to safely practice the knee kick using a household item as a Self Defense Training Tool.

Self Defense Training Tool…A Common Cushion


Use a household cushion or an oversize pillow as a training tool can be an effective piece of basic self defense equipment.


A “slow” walk through practice to start will help make this technique more of an automatic response.

Find an old cushion or pillow to be used as a target for the knee kick. Have your partner grip the pillow/cushion on both sides and hold it away from their body about waist high.

Have the partner holding the target/cushion keep their elbows slightly bent to absorb the impact of the knee kick.

Grab the pillow as you move into the target and knee kick the cushion. Keep your leg muscles relaxed until just before you strike the target with this self defense move.


Remember the Safety Protocols…


It is helpful to grab the pillow and pull it in as you kick to increase your power.

This gives more impact to your kick. Start out kicking the pillow easy, it will take a few kicks on your part to help the other partner learn the best way to hold the pillow and absorb the kick from your household self defense equipment.

Take turns holding the target/cushion. Balance, timing, coordination and a sense of the power you can expect from a knee kick will give you more confidence.

PARTNER DRILL: Once you have mastered kicking a stationary object, have your partner move back one step after you kick the pillow. You will adjust yourself for the new distance (moving to the target) and kick the cushion.

Again, begin slowly at first so both of you can adjust to the change in distance and timing. You can kick and step across the room as you follow the target.

The Video Clip is 6 minutes; the last 2 minutes is worth the wait!


One self defense technique can make the critical difference in avoiding sexual contact in most cases of sexual assault!

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