The Ultimate Self Defense Moves Are Basic!

The Ultimate Self Defense
Moves Are Basic!

From: Bill Valentine, Ph.D, Self Defense Coach, and Becky Valentine, M.S., Physical Educator

You can learn to make the most of your physical abilities in a fast, fun and safe natural approach to self defense moves. No course can promise to instantly transform you into a walking weapon of destruction that will defeat all odds. However, “WITs (Whatever It Takes)” by Bill Valentine, Ph.D, 5th Degree Black Belt, and Becky Valentine, MS, Physical Educator, can safely teach you to “Beat the Odds” using basic motor movements you already know, and a proven system of learning effective self defense moves in the least amount of time.

This is the fastest course in how to create lifesaving pain fast using motor movements and skills that you developed before you were three years of age!

You didn’t need to read any books to learn how to sit, stand, walk, clap your hands, grab objects or climb up some stairs? You can learn to transfer these basic physical skills into effective self defense moves today, regardless of your current fitness level.

This is a simple system of training you in only a few short hours to strike back using basic developmental motor movements you already possess , and will include self defense moves that appeal to all body types, regardless of your athletic abilities, strength or conditioning.

Simple Proof Self Defense Basics Works

The Ultimate Self Defense Moves Are Basic and not flashy or spectacular. Rather, they are simple, straight forward, and to the point. Most importantly, they need to be applied by anyone regardless of age, height, or weight against a much more aggressive and larger opponent. Can this be done? Not only can it be done, it has been done.

One of the most stirring accounts that points out this fact is found in the tale of a 6 year who successfully fought off two attackers.

The only personal protection techniques Nathan used to defend his sister were kicking, scratching, and taking the fight to the assailant. Again, basic self defense moves are often the key to extricating yourself from a serious situation, and saving a loved one.

This incident also explains a few very important facts about self defense: predators prey on those that are weaker, predators do not want to get caught, and simple basic self defense moves can cause an attacker to flee. Again, an 8 year old child stopped a predator by simply scratching, shouting and kicking at him.


The best basic self defense moves are not complicated or flashy. They are moves designed to work well under stress and pulled off in a simple and effective manner. The common self defense techniques that are highly effective would be a series of open hand attacks. Slapping, palm strikes, scratching, and eye/neck pokes are fairly easy to perform. They are simple and direct and place you at very little risk for breaking or injuring your hand. (Closed fist strikes lead to broken hands due to the compression of the knuckles when the hand is not wrapped and placed in a glove)

For those looking to knock out an opponent, the ‘heavy tools’ of knees, elbows, and head butts can be brutal tools that can deliver overwhelming force. (Please note: only use the appropriate level of force to handle a specific situation. Excess force that exceeds self defense can be considered assault) While these tools require a little additional training to make effective, the amount of time required to make them effective is not long.

The Best Basic Self Defense Moves are
WIT’s (Whatever It Takes)

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The “WITS” E-book contains approximately 50 pages with over 80 pictures in an 8 1/2″ by 11″ workbook style format that will empower you with lot of options in an assault situation.Becky and I designed “WITS” (Whatever It Takes) E-book in a learning format that will remain effective for many generations.

Get your very own copy of WITS (Whatever It Takes) Women’s Self Defense Workbook, for just $4.95. The WITS E-Book is in electronic PDF format – you can download it quickly to your computer and can get started immediately!

Digital delivery is fast and secure with PayPal, and you even get a 60 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply let me know, and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.


If You Are A Woman, How Likely Are You To Need Some Form of Self Defense Training?

* 78 women are being raped each hour!

* One out of three women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

* The risk of rape is four times higher for women aged 16-24 than for any other age group.

* All women may be rape victims – age, race, socioeconomic status, appearance, and lifestyle are not deciding factors.

* College statistics show one in four college women surveyed are victims of rape or attempted rape.

* 85% of rapes on campus are acquaintance rapes.

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Is Anyone Talking About This Fact !?


One self defense technique can make the critical difference in avoiding sexual contact!
The vast majority of sexual assaults are date and / or acquaintance rape (80-90%) as oppose to stranger rape. This is why in approximately 80% of attempted rape cases, women/girls with any self-defense training avoided sexual contact.


Suppose you could learn a few good self defense moves using a proven training program that is fast, safe, and easy.

Have you thought for a moment what it would be like to have this kind of knowledge?

This is why the GOAL is to help you develop a successful plan now, before something happens…or before something happens again!

Be Safe…and You Won’t Be Sorry!

Order WIT’s for only $4.95

Becky and I have always had the singular goal of your personal security success. We have worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life at the end of this self defense program.


No course can promise to instantly transform you into a walking weapon that will defeat all odds. WITs can safely teach you to “Beat the Odds” using basic motor movements you already know and a proven system of learning self defense moves in the least amount of time.


Please, don’t miss this opportunity.


To your Unstoppable Self Defense Success!


Meet Your Instructors Bill and Becky Teaching Self Defense Basics

The Knee Kick: Knee Kick Training as a Basic Self Defense Move will help you develop the most powerful self defense weapon in the human arsenal. This leg kicking technique requires the least amount of energy to get maximum striking impact. The last 2 minutes of the video is worth the price of admission.



P.S. Take Action. Now is the time to begin. WITS E-Book will help guide you to maximize all the physical and mental potential you possess. Basic, direct and to the point, without the hype for a fair price of only $4.95.




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